Studio Policies

Please consider that there may be a wait list for a class that you have booked. It may be you waiting for that spot one day!

For those on the unlimited Gold membership, please refrain from more then TWO (2) LATE CANCELLATIONS OR NO SHOWS PER MONTH. Penalties will be charged or restricted access to peak class times will be enforced.

Late Cancellations - Up to (12) Twelve hours before class start time
Early Cancellations - More then (12) Twelve hours before class start time

We understand delays happen, stuck in traffic, trains cancelled. We recommend calling us or sending the instructor a message. We will do our best to accomodate you in your session without dsitrupting the other members in the class.

*It is best to arrive to class at least 5 minutes before starting time as the door to the shop will be locked on the hour during evening classes.

  • Month to month direct debit will be from the account or credit card details provided and kept on file unless otherwise specified.
  • Contract will automatically renew every 6 months unless written notice is provided 14 days before renewal date.
  • Direct debit will be charged monthly on the same DATE every month.
  • Notice of cancellation requires 14 days written notification via email.
  • The contract may be suspended due to holidays, illness or a medical condition for up to 1 month during the 6 month contract.
  • Failure to provide 14 days notice will result in completion of the contract.
  • There is no rollover for unused classes.

  • Valid to dates are strictly adhered to
  • No roll-over or refunds for unused flexi pass classes
  • Simply purchase a new online pass when your current pass expires
  • No direct debit set up
  • Attend as many classes per week as you choose until your pass expires

  • Single Pass - 14 days from date of purchase
  • 5 x Class Pass - 60 Days from first visit
  • 10 x Class Pass - 90 Days from first visit
  • 20 x Class Pass - 6 Months from first visit

General Information

Check out our handy first timers guide. It has all the infomation that you need to get started.

2/3 sessions a week is reccommended to be able to feel the full benifits of the Pilates Method.

Something that is comfortable to move in and not too baggy so we can see your physique. Ideally avoid tight waistbands and zippers.

Nothing but yourself, we supply all the equipment, mats, blocks, etc. that you might use. A towel and a clean pair of socks is a must. We have everything else you will need.

Up to 12 weeks you are welcome to join any of our group classes but thereafter we recommend joining one of our Specialised Sessions. As every pregnacy is different, this will ensure the instructor has set exercises that are well suited to you and your growing baby.

At Flow Pilates and Fitness we do our best to cater for every and any individual that walks through our doors. We do however recommend that if you have an injury to complete an Initial Consultation Private 1:1 appointment, so our instructors can assess your ability in joining our Group Classes. If you are unsure about your injury contact us and we will be able to help you.


We encourage you to always book into your session prior to arriving at the studio. However, life does get in the way and sometimes you might have trouble booking through our website or app. If so, please do not hesitate in calling us as we might not be able to accomadate you if the class is fully booked.

Yes, we encouage you to call us if you want to book into a class that says 'call us to book'. If you have any trouble booking into sessions please let us know!

Its easy to book into one of our 42 group classes through our website or the MINDBODY phone application.

Click the book now link in the top right corner or download the Mindbody Mobile App for Apple iOS or Android

Please Note - The Mindbody Onlie Mobile App uses a different account to that of the website. Please make sure you sign up with the same email on both services.

You can use both. It just depends which one you prefer using on the go. The mobile app is great when you're out and about and the website is great when your at home or work.

Please Note - The Mindbody Onlie Mobile App uses a different account to that of the website. Please make sure you sign up with the same email on both services.

Click the book now link in the top right corner or download the Mindbody Mobile App for Apple iOS or Android

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30 Days of Motivation FAQS

Our 30 Days of Motivation begins 21st July. With the presentation happening on a Saturday afternoon. More details will be given shortly.

Final payment is due by July 14th 2018 either through MINDBODY or at the shop below.

No. This is not a challenge to see who is the biggest loser! We are hoping that you will start creating healthy habits that include food and exercise. We provide the tools; You are the pilot.

Your membership will be paused for the 30 days and you may resume your usual membership at the conclusion. Unused classes from your membership will be reimbursed as a class pass prior to your membership resuming.

No. Of course we would love to see you around, but it’s not necessary to attend every day. You can allocate the classes as you can fit them into your life. The only dates you should make yourself available for are Saturday 21st at 1.30pm and the morning of Sunday 19th August (time TBC).

This is what this motivation is all about! You have the power to decide when you attend. MindBody’s schedule will assist with this planning. Book your classes and plan your 30 days

No problem. We have classes before and after hours including Saturdays. Let us know if there’s an earlier or later time that you’d like to see on the schedule for the 30 days.

Yes. This is what will help you to plan your classes. Call us if you’re having difficulty!

General aches and pains are usually why you would take up Pilates! If you have a serious injury or neurological condition or if you’re in a recovery period that prevents you from most activities, contact us and your medical practitioner. We can then chat about whether this would be suitable for you.

Beginners are most welcome! You won’t be a beginner by the end! We have a number of suitable classes for you, and hopefully you’ll be up to speed in no time!

Amber Jane Rowe will be available to answer your questions regarding food and nutrition in a Facebook group. (Lengthy questions that are not in a general context may require a paid consultation with Amber). The Pilates teachers are also available through this group for any questions regarding your classes. It’s also a wonderful way to foster support between the other participants!

Yes. We will have some cardio circuit classes and express jump classes on the schedule that will get you moving!


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