Why Use A Spiky Ball?

Using a spiky ball on a regular basis is a great way to maintain flexibility, ease muscle tension and optimise performance.

Spiky balls are particularly effective at releasing tightness due to myofascial trigger points.  These are the knots and contractions that form in response to poor posture and over-use.

Spiky Massage Balls are sometimes described as evil torture devices. They have become a popular tool for performing self-therapy on those areas. But just how do Spiky Balls manage to perform their magic?


  • You can simply sit or lay on your Spiky Massage Ball and you use your body weight to apply pressure to a tight muscle.

  • By using pressure and specific movements you can encourage the Spiky Ball to really target those deep trouble-spots and also encourage your muscles to relax.

  • DO NOT USE your Spiky Ball if you have a recent injury or trauma which has broken the skin, caused inflammation of a joint, or if you are badly bruised – if in doubt ask your practitioner.



  • Sole Of The Foot

    • Stimulate the proprioceptors in the foot by using a gentle pressure over the inside of the foot, rolling from the ball of the foot down to the heel.

      This is a great one for those on their feet all day.  A minute on each foot every day will work wonders.

  • Shoulders/Pecks

    • Roll around the back and front of the shoulder, looking for the fleshy parts of the muscle.

  • Glutes

    • Use your body weight to roll over the back of the hip, either standing or laying. Hold pressure in one place for 30-60 seconds while you breathe until the muscle releases.

  • Hip Flexor

    • The spiky ball is perfect for rolling the TFL which part of the hip flexor group that runs from the front of the hip into the ITB.

  • Calves

    • Use your hand to work the ball around your calf.


  • keep breathing as you perform these exercises

  • consult with your Physiotherapist to see if these exercises are appropriate for you

  • do not use the spiky ball if you have a new injury or in the presence of inflammation

  • avoid bony areas

  • if you feel any ongoing pain or pins and needles please consult with your Physiotherapist


Buy A Spiky Ball 

The next time you visit us, buy your own spiky ball to use at home!


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